Saturday, December 21, 2019

Creative Writing I Am Not S.A.N.E. - 1401 Words

I didnt expect to see her again, nor did I expect to be so happy about it. For some reason, it was nice to talk to her. Cleo, that is. She isnt like any of the other girls Ive ever met, and I can still remember her first words to me; they replayed through my mind constantly, like a broken record. They were so cold, yet not cold at the same time. It was as if she was trying to be mean to me, but she wasnt all that mean at all. Its kind of cute actually. â€Å"Yeah?† â€Å"It-Its time to go to your testing.† I had stuttered, must to my distaste. I hate how I stutter, its one of the most annoying things that Ive ever done. Ive never been able to stop though. She had gotten out of bed then, and I watched her. She had the prettiest face, but there was something hard in her eyes. She had deep blue eyes, cool as water and as deep as the ocean. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen on anyone. â€Å"I won’t break.† she had said to me, as if it was the s implest thing in the world. Her voice itself was royal, commanding almost. It was as if she was part of some royal group—something I could never hope to be a part of—and she didnt even know it. â€Å"I didnt think you would.† I had said, a bit confused. I didnt think she would break, I wanted to see if she could walk though. Someone told me that she had only half of her bones when she was born, and I had figured that would make it hard for her to walk. She laugh a bit, her laugh was like hardened bells-sharp and cold, â€Å"Then

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